Operation of the “Centre for Innovation for Women” (#GIL4W)

11. augusta 2023

The new Unit at the Athena Research Centre, which will implement the strategies and activities of the “ Innovation Centre for Women” (#GIL4W), was launched on 11 February 2023. #GIL4W (Greek Innovation lab for Women), set up at the initiative of the Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, responsible for Demographic Policy and Family, Maria Syregela, aims to support and promote the research, innovation and entrepreneurship issues of women in Greece.

The “Centre for Innovation for Women” is a partnership of 20 bodies, ministries, research centres, academic institutions, chambers and the private sector. In cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Investment and the Deputy Minister Christos Dimas and under the auspices of the Secretariat-General for Research and Innovation, the separate unit in the Athena Research Centre is responsible for supporting and implementing the partnership’s objectives and strategies throughout Greece.

A comprehensive Action Plan, set up by all partners in the partnership, will implement a series of interventions to help women in Greece benefit from the opportunities created by the 4th Industrial Revolution. One of the main actions of the “Centre for Innovation for Women” will be to strengthen STEM fields in education so as to give young girls the opportunity to choose professions related to the new highly specialised sectors, such as Artificial Intelligence or Biotechnology, but also to highlight opportunities to finance business projects of Greek innovators.

Its delivery model will also build on examples and good practices from countries with a tradition of female innovation and entrepreneurship, such as Norway and to this end, international partnerships with bodies such as ECWT – European Centre for Women and Technology have already been established.

Publication of the relevant directorate of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs:https://ypergasias.gov.gr/xekinaei-ti-leitourgia-tou-to-kentro-kainotomias-gia-tis-gynaikes/

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