Ukrainian_pupil: National project Digital contribution for pupils from Ukraine

In order for Ukrainian children to integrate more easily into the Slovak school system and thus into life in Slovakia, the use of a digital device for learning is a real necessity. To this end, the Ukrainian Pupil project was created under the auspices of the Digital Coalition. Its task is to support the purchase of digital devices for approximately 20,000 schoolchildren – school leavers from Ukraine – in 2023 in the form of a digital contribution.

This will help eliminate the problem of the lack of access to digital technologies for Ukrainian children in Slovak schools and will also rapidly increase the level of digital literacy of children, which is a prerequisite for young people to be successful in adulthood.

The place of implementation of the Ukrainian Pupil project is the entire territory of the Slovak Republic. At present, less than half of Ukrainian children are enrolled in the school system in the Slovak Republic, i.e. approximately 10 000 pupils and students. Most of them continue their distance learning in Ukraine, even though they are located in Slovakia. The Ukrainian Pupil project can significantly contribute to the motivation of Ukrainian children to attend school in the Slovak Republic, to ensure the continuity of the educational process and, very importantly for children after the stress they have experienced, the project contributes to their socialisation and systematic communication in a new, Slovak environment. It is a project that supports the inclusion of children from Ukraine in the educational process in Slovakia and has a high added value, as it supports the inclusion of children and indirectly their parents, in order to integrate as effectively as possible into life in Slovakia.

Thanks to the Ukrainian Pupil project, more than 9,300 Ukrainian children have become owners of new digital devices. During the project, 3 436 Ukrainian pupils tested their Slovak language skills and 835 Ukrainian pupils tested their digital skills.

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