Digital_Talents: Job mobility programme

The programme will offer young Moldovan talents – students or graduates of ICT-related fields – short-term employment (12 months) or internships (3 months) in leading ICT companies in Slovakia. This will allow them to strengthen their professional skills, gain new knowledge in the stimulating working environment of ICT companies in Slovakia, and thus improve their career prospects in employment or business.

The project, under the auspices of the EMA in cooperation with the Digital Coalition and the IT Association in Moldova, contributes to the objectives of the EU Migration Agenda by creating a well-managed job mobility scheme for young graduates that is mutually beneficial for both participating countries, Moldova and Slovakia. The aim of the project is to develop cooperation between Slovakia and Moldova in the field of labour migration and to promote economic exchange between the ICT sectors of both countries. The specific objective is to build a legal migration scheme to support young Moldovan professionals working in the ICT sector. The programme will also help to fill shortage positions in the ICT sector in Slovakia and promote mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. The specific objective is also to support the development of Moldova by reintegrating successful graduates of the scheme upon their return to Moldova, through their effective placement in the labour market. The scheme will also support the development of business relations between private companies in both countries and contribute to the exchange of expertise between the Slovak and Moldovan ICT sectors.

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