IT_Fitness Test

The largest and most comprehensive way of testing digital skills, verified by years of practice on more than 400 thousand respondents – this is the IT Fitness Test. The free, nationwide, online testing has been available in Slovakia since 2012, under the umbrella of the Digital Coalition and the IT Association of Slovakia in cooperation with the Ministry of Investment and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic (MIRRI) and other key stakeholders in the field of ICT at home and abroad.

In 2022, DK successfully extended the testing beyond Slovakia’s borders to all Visegrad Four countries. In addition, in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, it has made testing available not only in English but also in individual national languages. The success of the project is also evidenced by the fact that in the V4 countries as many as 115 thousand people completed the test in the pilot year!

The IT Fitness Test primarily targets primary and secondary school pupils and teachers – they are our future. In order to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world, they need to be able to navigate the web of available information and use the possibilities of digital tools to their advantage. The aim of the IT Fitness Test is to objectively test the digital skills expected of them at the next level of study or in practice and thus motivate them to actively deepen their practical skills that they will be able to put to practical use not only today, but especially in the future. The IT Fitness Test does not copy the curriculum and does not emphasize only theoretical knowledge, but reflects the requirements of the modern, ever-changing, digital age. The fact that the IT Fitness Test is a guarantee of quality content is also evidenced by the fact that it is widely supported by educators – more than 10 thousand teachers and school digital coordinators across Slovakia have already actively participated in the coordinated testing in schools!

In 2023, it has expanded its footprint to include another country. Pupils and teachers from primary, secondary and higher education schools not only in Slovakia, but also in the neighbouring Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine tested their digital skills. Pupils excelled in working with the internet, with lower results in critical thinking and complex tasks. Almost 46 thousand respondents from all over Slovakia tested their knowledge in 2023. In total, almost 150 thousand respondents in five countries tested their digital skills.